Lecture deliveries in the CFA classes are structured to make classes interactive and allow students to take class notes which become key components of CFA exam preparation. These notes help in logical connection of CFA concepts and fundamentals and bring out key insights in formulae derivations also which helps students in retaining the concepts and formulas.

So,the CFA Study Pattern at Its CONCEPTS provides candidates with an opportunity to attend full length course, which includes revision and mock test batch or customize the study by choosing for only CFA Mock Test batch or CFA revision batch.

  • Each Class starts with a small quiz or recap of the topics taught in last class
  • Class-Notes including formula sheets are handed out to the students
  • An Interactive and Engrossing Session of around four hours ( A 15 minutes break is given after two hours)
  • Doubt-Solving | Revision of the concepts taught | Question-Solving
  • A 30-40 Minutes Class Test Every Weekend

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